I Tried This Abs Workout From Pamela Reif That Uses A Pillow To Blast Your Core: Here’s What Happened

a photo of Pamela Reif doing an ab workout holding a pillow between her feet
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It’s been a while since I unrolled mine yoga mat and I did an abs workout by Pamela Reif, in fact, the last time I subjected my abs to such torture was when I did Pamela Reif workouts every day for a week. Yet eager to find out what my favorite YouTube trainer had been up to over the past few months, I grabbed a pillow off my couch and did his intense 10-minute, six-pack workout. Read on to find out what happened.

Why a pillow I hear you ask? The addition of the cushion adds some weight to the abs workout: Although it doesn’t feel much when you press against them while watching TV, a cushion adds a couple of pounds of weight to the movement, forcing your abdominal muscles to work more. Of course, you can add one of the files if you prefer best adjustable dumbbellsand have it between your feet during your workout, but if you’re short on equipment or worried about dropping the dumbbell and upsetting your neighbors, a pad is a safer option for this workout!

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