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Absolutely insane caricature: Dylan Mulvaney’s latest look sparks mental and physical health concerns

Absolutely insane caricature
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Absolutely insane caricature: Dylan Mulvaney’s latest look sparks mental and physical health concerns

Dylan Mulvaney, the self-inflicted bane of Bud Light’s bottom line, continued to garner attention as social media posts reflected not only his obvious problems, but the broader issues facing society.

“Damned if this isn’t a mental health case then [I] i don’t know what it is.

Recent TikTok videos of the ‘once gay, then queer, then nonbinary, then trans’ social media influencer, now blonde (and no, not a dark new sexual identity), have raised concerns about a range of ailments mental that probably only exacerbated by the constant claims of awakened enablers.

Actress Colette Harrington shared one such video on Saturday in which Mulvaney appears to lip-sync to an audio clip in which a voice is heard professing to “live for gays” as she pranced around in a little black dress and high heels they extolled an aspect of malnutrition.

“Mental illness has no bottom, so to speak,” Harrington began. “Dylan Mulvaney should be hospitalized and treated for anorexia, gender dysphoria, narcissism and manic depression. Which includes extreme highs/lows. 15 minutes of fame expired.

Previously, the transgender celebrated by leftist ideologues who resulted in a multibillion-dollar loss for Anheuser-Busch said he hoped a woman would get him pregnant, biological reality be damned.

As he had detailed to his father that he was “a little bit romantically interested in women… So I tell my father and he says, ‘Well, I’d like to see you get a woman pregnant,’ and I said, ‘Oh , no, no, no… it would make me pregnant”.

The responses to the latest video have hit the culture directly, as many have pointed to social media itself as enabling ailments to be praised instead of cured.

“Yes. It’s the inevitable result of reality television and internet fame,” said one.

“Good God! Does the corporate structure, social media and politicians all support the elevation of people with mental disorders into the public limelight?” wondered another, as some suggested that Mulvaney was “An absolutely insane caricature of a form of life”.

Meanwhile, others have looked beyond the superficial qualities to the cultural rot that has led to the identity of the influencer, believed or satirized, to the deeper problem.

“The cause is spiritual. The result shows the depth of spiritual perversion. This person really has no choice now, she made the choice of her a long time ago,” the Twitter user suggested. “It’s sad.”

Harrington also spoke up about this when apparent defenders of Mulvaney took aim at his faith to draw attention to the myriad of perceived problems facing the young man. “This is mental illness on full display,” he retorted. Since when is it Christian to pretend otherwise?

However, the fact that his overt performances were defended only further emphasized the widespread society-wide issues that had allowed Mulvaney to rise to prominence in the first place.

“Anyone who thinks this is normal is a lost cause,” one suggested while others pleaded, “Someone get them a sandwich!!!!”



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